Photo Competition – “The Barbora Way in photos 2017”

Dear tourists, cyclists and pilgrims in the Barbora Way,

from June 10, 2017, you have the opportunity to take part in a photo competition called “The Barbora Way in photos 2017”.

This contest relates to your experiences, memories and moments that you record on your photos while your journey in the Barbora Way.

For more information is HERE.

The 3rd season of the Barbora Way is open.

On the 1st May 2017, we opened the 3rd season of the Barbora Way. The fans of hiking, cycling and wanderings met near „Barbakan“ in Banská Bystrica. The sunny weather and folk music “Debnar” from Ľubietová and soloist Barbora made nice atmosphere during the waiting for the ambassador Lukáš Latinák, who was late for a while.

An author of the Barbora Way Juraj Slašťan welcomed fans. Ambassadors Lukáš Latinák and Erich Kuri (from Austria), vice mayor of Banská Bystrica Martin Turčan, executive director of tourism association „Central Slovakia“ Jiří Pěč, American supporter and co-worker of the Barbora Way Guy de Balbin, and professor Pavel Molnár had a speach to the fans.

After opening, more than 50 tourists and cyclists went to Spana Dolina. They arrived shortly after midday with a good mood and they got a welcome drink – homemade drink „banícka slivovica“, tasty meal „guláš“, beer and baker´s ware. Then they watched the Chapel of Holy Sepulchere (God´s Grave), a mining clock, a historic school, they visited the gallery, some went out onto the heap where the panoramic view was magnificent, and the others went to the village Staré Hory.

We wish to all tourists, cyclists and pilgrims pleasant experience on the Barbora Way.

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