Set out for the journey … !

During the nine day pilgrimage, you will reach the peaks of beautiful mountains and discover the beauty of deep valleys.  You’ll pass through the land untouched but for centuries shaped by generations of our ancestors. The road has its ups and downs, as does life.  Set out for the journey, and be ready to get to know nature, towns, monuments and people.  But most of all, you will get to know yourself the best. Follow the knowledge…

9 stages of the Barbora Way

The Barbora Way is a circuit with length of 188 km. You can go on foot or by bike. The Way is divided into 9 separate stages. Each one begins and ends in the places where you can sleep, relax or taste traditional cooking.

The Way begins in Banská Bystrica, in the Chapel of St. Barbora, which is in the the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Then it passes through interesting towns, villages and localities such as: Banská Bystrica, Medený Hámor, Špania Dolina, Staré Hory, Piesky, St. Krištof´s Chalet, Harmanec, Kordíky, Gergely Tunnel, Skalka, Krahule, Kremnické Bane, the geographical midpoint of Europe, Kremnica, Šášovské Podhradie, Sklené Teplice, Repište, Banská Štiavnica, Sv. Anton, Banský Studenec, Dubové, Bacúrov, Ostrá Lúka, Pustý hrad (Deserted Castle), Zvolen, Sliač, Sampor, Hronsek, Vartovka and urpínska Kalvária (The Calvary) in Banská Bystrica.

1st stage

B.Bystrica - Staré Hory

2nd stage

Staré Hory - Skalka

3rd stage

Skalka - Kremnica

4th stage

Kremnica - Sklené Teplice

5th stage

Sklené Teplice - B.Štiavnica

6th stage

B. Štiavnica - Bacúrov

7th stage

Bacúrov - Zvolen

8th stage

Zvolen - Sampor

9th stage

Sampor - B.Bystrica


29 stops

The Barbora Way includes 29 stops. It is exactly as many as years lived St. Barbora and the mining uniform has 29 knobs as well. Stops represent the most significant points and places which are important in term of the mining, historical, natural, religious, cultural and technical values. It is worth seeing them.

Accommodation on the route