Route description Skalka – Kremnica


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Skalka – the mountain ranges

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Krahule - view on the village

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Krahule - church

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Krahule - the wooden houses

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Krahulský hill - the observation tower

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Kremnické Bane - the symbolic geographical center of Europe

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Kremnické Bane
the symbolic geographical center of Europe

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Šturc - the mine subsidence

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Kremnica - the mint of Kremnica

Lenght Climb Descent Max inclination+ Max inclination- Higets point Lowest point
16,75 km * 224 m -857 m 14,5 % -32,6 % 1220 m 556 m

The turning to Krahulský vrch (Krahule hill) (2x 1,75 km) is included and the length to the monument of unknown miner is also included (2x 0.1 km) .


Easy, up to moderately difficult
The trail runs mostly through downsloping terrain, initially like a mountain trail crossing the plain above the Krahule village. Walk below the ski lift, directly into the village center. From the village church, a marked trail leads to the Krahule lookout tower. Located on a hill, it offers stunning views of Kremnica and its wide surroundings, including the massive Štiavnické vrchy. After returning [to the village], about 2 km down the asphalt road, you reach the Church of St. John the Baptist next to the geographical center of Europe. From there, again on an asphalt road, you enter Kremnické Bane also called “Piargy”. Above the village is the local church. Along the football field continue to the so-called “Old Piargy” where you can spot the original architecture of the old mining houses. After hiking on a forest trail, you reach the ruins of the Kremnica mine clock tower (“klopačka”). From there, it is only a short walk to the Šturc subsidence which will be another stop later on the trail. Then along the Calvary chapel descend steeply by the Way of the Cross to Kremnica and, beyond the Mint, directly to the city center.

From Skalka (1220 m), the bike path follows the hiking trail to the Kremnické Bane village. In Kremnické Bane, near the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the bike path continues along road 2504, passes over the railway line, up to the intersection with state road 65. At the intersection, turn left (direction Kremnica), go for about 150 m to the Barbara signpost where you turn right. The sign will lead you to the center of the village, from where you can follow Barbara‘s hiking trail to Kremnica.

Skalka, penzión Guldiner (48.740078°, 18.990836°), map

ubytovanie Guldiner

Kremnica, mincovňa( 48.705011°, 18.916471°), map
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At the Šturc subsidence do not enter any open tunnels or shafts as there is a risk of injury.

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