The route description Kremnica – Sklené Teplice


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Kremnica - the mint of Kremnica

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Kremnica - view from the tower

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Kremnica - center

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Stará Kremnička - the ventilation shaft

4 Sasovsky hrad

Šášov castle

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Šášov - view on the village

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Sklené Teplice - the view on village

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Sklené Teplice - Spa

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Sklené Teplice - Spa

Lenght Climb Descent Max inclination+ Max inclination- Highest point Lowest poimt bod
28 km 1088 m -1294 m 35,2 % -41,0 % 660 m 249 m



Moderately difficult, up to difficult

The trail runs from Kremnica towards the village of Lúčky. About 100 meters after the last houses, turn left towards Penzión Stefanshof (a bed & breakfast). Your journey continues southward to the Horná Ves village via the so-called “Galandov majer”. From Horná Ves, continue along the trail with blue markers to the point named “Pod Kopernicou” (48 ° 39′ 40.40 “S, 18 ° 53′ 23.20” E).  From that point, BC follows the yellow marked local route leading to Bartošova Lehôtka. From this village, you can travel by bus (or even on foot) to another village called Stará Kremnička. Continuing south through the Skalka rock field, and head towards the Hron river.

Passing under the highway junction, follow the local road to the village called Šášovské Podhradie. From there, BC follows a tourist footpath with green markers that leads directly to Šášov Castle. From the castle return to the asphalt road that leads to the village. Pass through the village until you reach the valley of the Istebný brook. The BC route follows the blue markers to forester’s chalet, where you turn right onto the forest path. Get off at the “Konice” settlement. At the cross (48° 32′ 43.9 “S; 18° 53′ 48” E), next to a linden tree, there is a bench where you can rest. Going south from “Konice” (after the yellow tourist sign),


In the guidebook, at that stage of the Barborská trail, the description follows the marked, local tourist trails which connect Slobodné [lake] – Dolná Klapa [rock field] – Čierťažík – [Mt.] Dubník – Kotlište to the village of Stará Kremnička. Since bentonite mining and logging operations are currently taking place in these localities, we have diverted the original Barbora trail to Bartošová Lehôtka and, from there, to the village of Stará Kremnička, as indicated above.

From Kremnica, the bike path follows Barbara‘s hiking trail. It goes around “Pension Stefanshof” and continues through “Galandov Majer” to the „Horná Ves“ village. At the end of that village, the bike path connects with state road 65. Cross the village of Stará Kremnička. At the end of that village, continue on state road 65, over the R1 expressway, up to the crossroad where you turn left towards Šášovské Podhradie. In Šašovské Podhradie, the bike path meets Barbara‘s hiking trail that leads to Sklené Teplice.

Kremnica Mint( 48.705011°, 18.916471°), map
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Sklené Teplice, spring( 48.528017°,  18.862993°), map

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Be very careful when crossing the rock fields!
Do not miss the spa called “parenica“(meaning “hot bath” and “steamed sheep cheese“) in Sklené Teplice. It is a natural cave steam bath, unique in Europe, with healing thermal water at a temperature of 42°C (108°F).

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