The route description Bacúrov-Zvolen



Bacúrov - "lake"

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Bacúrov - the Church of Apostoles St. Juda and St. Simon

7 OstraLuka2

Ostrá Lúka - manor house

slider 7 Hrobka a kaštieľ rodiny Ostrolúckych

Ostrá Lúka - Ostrolucky family tomb

7 OstraLuka3

Ostrá Lúka - Ostrolucky family tomb

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Pustý hrad - entry gate

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Pustý hrad - view on the village

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chalet Koliba u rytiera

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Zvolenský Castle

Lenght Climb Descent Max inclination+ Max inclination- Highest point Lowest point
16,2 km 531 m -698 m 38,1 % -37,7 % 562 m 283 m



>Moderately difficult, up to difficult
From the Bacúrov village, the asphalt road takes you to the Ostrá Lúka village. Continue along the forest logging roads towards the Hron River until you reach the “Červený medokýš“ springs. Near the springs is the rustic restaurant called “Koliba u Rytiera“. From that koliba (chalet), continue for about 400 meters to the junction where you see the sign to “Pustý hrad“ (castle ruin above Zvolen). At the arrow, turn right onto the asphalt road which leads along a forest road to the ruins of the Upper Castle. Cross the castle grounds of “Pustý hrad“ towards the lower castle, continue down the footpath to the asphalt road and follow it into Zvolen, after passing by the Winter stadium.

The bike path and hiking trail are identical up to Pustý Castle. Riding down from Pustý Castle is on the forest road as indicated, to the hockey stadium in Zvolen, where the bike path joins the hiking trail.

Bacúrov (48.520338°, 19.059470°), map


Zvolen, Kostol sv.Alžbety, (48.577815°, 19.125832°), map

Mesto Zvolen

The climb to Pustý hrad.
Before climbing to Pustý hrad, scoop up some water in Červený medokýš springs!

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