The route description Zvolen – Hronsek

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Zvolenský castle

Mesto Zvolen

Zvolen - the Church of St. Elizabeth


Sliač Spa

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Sampor - the Monastery of the Lord´s Transfiguration


Sampor - the Monastery of the lord´s Transfiguration

Lenght Climb Descent Max inclination+ Max inclination- Highest point Lowest point
17,0 km 329 m -317 m 24,6 % -22,2 % 461 m 286 m



From the center of Zvolen, cross the square towards the Europa Shopping Mall, continue towards the Hron River via a roundabout, and take the bridge across. At that point, you travel on the family trail that goes up to Sliač, on the right bank of the Hron River. In Sliač, turn right from the family trail onto the bridge and follow the main road through the town, up to the Sliač spa area. You can refresh yourself at the spring, possibly in a cafe, and then continue along the spa promenade. Once on the asphalt road, follow it for about 800 m. Turn left and walk along the chalets to the meadow, then cross the meadow on a small dirt road, and walk along the ridge. The path takes you through the forest and along the fields. Pass the sheep farm on the left. Keep walking on dirt roads until you come to Sampor. From the hill, you can see the monastery complex below. Entrance to the monastery is from the village side.

At the intersection below Sampor, turn left and go down the road towards “Veľká Lúka“. After 800 meters, turn right onto a dirt road below the ridge. It leads you past the cemetery on your right, and up the Castle way to Hronsek. Cross the railway line, pass on the left side of the moated castle and continue to the junction with the main road where you turn right. Local signs lead you to the wooden church.

The bike path and tourist trail are identical to Sampor.

From Sampor, the bike path continues on state road Nr. 2450 to the crossroad in the Veľká Lúka village where you turn right on state road  Nr. 2413.  This road takes you to Hronsek, a village famous for its Evangelical church made out of  wood without any nails.

St. Elizabeth Church (48.577815°, 19.125832°), map

Mesto Zvolen

Wooden church in Hronsek (48.648981°, 19.154897°), map

There are no springs between Sliač Spa and Sampor. Don’t forget to stock up with water in Sliač.

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