The route description Hronsek – Banská Bystrica


Wooden Evangelical Church in Hronsek


observatory „Vartovka“

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Banskobystrická Kalvária - the Church of the Holy Cross

9 Banska Bystrica Kalvaria 03

Banskobystrická Kalvária - the Church of the Holy Cross

Lenght Climb Descent Max inclination+ Max inclination- Highest point Lowest point
16,7km 612 m -555 m 26,3 % -28,5 % 487 m 308 m


Easy, up to moderately difficult.

The path from Hronsek wooden church follows well-marked alleys leading to the edge of the village where it meets the forest path. You continue to Majer Hrabová and then to “Mičinské lúky“, following the blue markers. Proceed with a moderate climb through forest terrain to “Kozlinec“ (705 m) and to the “Hvezdáreň na Vartovku“ lookout (569 m). Signs lead you to the edge of the forest, where you can see the Church of the Holy Cross which is part of the Banská Bystrica Calvary complex. You have just reached the 29th landmark, where Barbara‘s trail ends. From the Calvary descend into Banská Bystrica.

Near Hronsek Evangelical church, bike path and hiking trail meet and take you to Banská Bystrica, your final destination.
Wooden church in Hronsek (48.649093°, 19.154885°), map

Banská Bystrica, Church of the Assumption (48.737138°, 19.146576°) , map

Jméno: _MG_0992_10-07-09

Three steeper, 100 meter climbs between Kozlinec and Vartovka.
Prepare your water supply for the whole trail. You can refresh in Hronsek. Caution, you will cross the railroad track twice in Hronsek! Order a tour of the Hronsek church in advance by calling +421 48 418 81 28, +421 919 042 674

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