The Civic Association Banský Región – Terra Montanae was founded on the 19th March 2014, in Kremnica.

Efforts to create so called “the miners’ territories” have been established earlier, but the idea of ​​creating a path (route, way) was first launched in the summer 2013.
An author of the project Juraj Slašťan also created a partnership with Johannesweg (turist path) in Upper Austria at the end of November 2013.
Executive committee works on the Barbora Way at the head of the author Juraj Slašťan.
The Civic Association Banský Región -Terra Montanae (OZ BR-TM) is an organization whose aim is the development of tourism in the territory of formerly important Central Slovak Mining Towns. The aim of this association is to promote this territory under the common brand and the unified identity that characterizes this important territory.
During 2013-2015 the active members of the OZ BR-TM have created the BARBORA WAY. They combined the most important values ​​of mining and the remarkable place of the cultural, historical, natural and religious development of this region.
  • Ambassadors of the Barbora Way:
    The Ambassador of Barbora Way is the famous Slovak actor Lukáš Latinák.
    The Austrian Ambassador of  Barbora Way is Erich Kuri.