1) Fill in all gaps in the registration form. An author of photos (competitor) is involved in photo competition by sending 1 to max. 3 photos.
– photo must relate to the Barbora Way
– photo must have a title
– the author can write short information (max. 250 characters) about photo and his/her impression from wandering in the Barbora Way.
2) The author is responsible for ensuring that the submitted photography is not under the rights of the third person and the objects in the photos do not have any requirements related to the use of photos.
3) The organizer of photo competition Civic Association Banský región – Terra Montanae will not reflect on possible complaints.
4) Members of the Executive Committee of the CA Banský región – Terra Montanae are not involved in the competition.

1st place: Weekend stay (bed and breakfast) in pension St. Maria in Staré Hory.
2nd place: Procedures in your choice in Spa Sklené Teplice.
3rd place: Book “Beauties of the Banskobystrický region” and DVD “Mining songs” from singing group HALIAR.

1) The visitors of the website www.barborskacesta.com will decide about the competition winners through online voting.
2) The authors of three photos which obtain the most votes will be awarded.
3) The organizer will contact the winners within 7 days from the end of competition. Prizes can be taken personally or they will be delivered to author after agreement.
4) Winners must confirm authorship of photos and contact information within 10 days after the announcement. If they do not, then the prizes have not been awarded them.
5) The organizer has the right:
– change the competitive terms or to add them at any time,
– due to serious reasons to cancel the competition, for example, force majeure, resignation of partners from the competition or for reasons its sole consideration. In this case, decision will be announced on www.barborskacesta.com.
6) By entering the competition the authors agree with the public exposition of that photography and also agree with the use of photos for the portal www.barborskacesta.com.
7) The organizer has the right to adapt the size of photos on the website.

Start of the competition: 10th June 2017
Submitting of the competitive photos: 10th June – 31st October 2017
Publication of the competitive photos on the website: continuously, after delivery
Vote: on line, 1st – 30th November 2017
Results and awards: 15th December 2017

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